Peat & Mulch

Premium peat and mulch products, suitable for a range of plants and locations. We’re talking everything from lawn mix to gardens and pots. Mulches made from peanut shell (not available until new season in 2021), pine bark, tea tree, woodchip and more. In bulk and bag.

Rocks & Sand

Oversized river pebbles for landscaping features, pathways and decorative gardens. Aggregate for driveways and quincan for orchids. Sand products include crusher dust, brickless loam, river sand, fine sand, bedding sand and more.

Other Materials

At Tropical Peat we can source a variety of Tablelands landscaping products, so if you can’t see it, just give us a call.

Currently in stock is perlite, for custom potting mixes, rice hulls and Certified bark for playgrounds.

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Tropical Peat can be called on (07) 4095 0266. We’re open 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 12pm on Saturdays. Product supplied in bulk with a delivery service available across North Queensland. Contact us today.

Tropical Peat is open 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday and 8am - 12pm on Saturdays

Peat Based Products

Potting Mix

Premium potting mix made from local products. Ingredients: peat, aggregates and organic matter, including peanut shell and dolomite. Great for native plants. Customize it to suit your needs, by adding different fertilizers. Available in bulk or 25L bags.

Garden Mix

Great for vegetable gardens, flower gardens and shrubs. A special blend of aged local products, including our very own tropical peat, aggregates, natural fertilizers and organic matter. Available in bulk or 25L bags.

Lawn Mix

A specialized mix which is perfect as a top dressing on the lawn, or to place underneath new turf. Contains tropical peat, aggregates, organic matter and natural fertilizer.

Mulches: Available in bulk or bags


Peanut Shell – N/A. Clean, consistent mulch which is light and easy to spread. A great soil conditioner and price.

Caribbean Pine Bark. Long lasting mulch, with large chunks of dark bark. Sourced from local plantations.

Tea Tree. Steam sterilized, high quality mulch which improves soil quality. Smells great too.

Woodchip. Very long lasting, termite resistant hardwood chip.

Tropical Peat has a range of mulch products and materials, with something to suit every need and application. High quality mulch, available by the bag or in bulk. Pick-up or have delivered. Talk to us about your requirements today. Call (07) 4095 0266 or email

Gravels, Rocks & Pebbles: Available in bulk or 20l bags

In addition to the below products, Tropical Peat also has maintenance gravel which is available in bulk for driveways and road repairs. Sourced from local quarries.

Copper River Pebble

An attractive rock, which is naturally smooth and can be used for a range of landscaping options. Create a river bed feature, or use in decorative gardens and pathways.
20mm | 50mm – N/A | Oversized -N/A.

Blue River Pebble - Currently not available

Naturally smooth pebble which can be used for decorative gardens and pathways. 20-30mm.

Pink Chip and Pink Aggregate - Currently not available

Pleasing colour, great for driveways and pathways. 16mm.


Volcanic quincan is perfect for orchids and bromeliads. We have it available as crusher dust for gardens and pathways and larger sizes for pots and beds. 0-7mm | 15mm.

Sands: Available in bulk or 20l bags

Crusher Dust: Grey & Pink. Great for driveways, pathways, under pavers and water tanks. Available in blue/grey or pink/white colour. 0-5mm. Pink available for bulk loads only.

Washed River Sand. Course washed sand, sourced from local quarries. Used in potting mixes.

Fine Sand. This is for sand pits and potting mixes. It’s a fine sand which has been washed or create a level, stable surface for pavers and water tanks.

Tropical Peat has a range of sand products available, with something to suit every need and application. Purchase by the bag or in bulk. Pick-up or have delivered. Talk to us about your requirements today. Call (07) 4095 0266 or email

Looking for something?

Tropical Peat stock and can source a wide range of raw materials. Some other items are listed below. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, just contact us today on (07) 4095 0266.

Used to create custom potting mixes. Available for sale on its own too. Composted Pine Bark. As above. Pick-up or have delivered. Certified Playground Bark. Suitable for kindergartens, daycare centres and councils. Rice Hulls. A quality bi-product which is high in silica and very clean. Suitable for horse stables and chicken pens, as well as vegetable gardens, garden beds and pots.

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Premium Products

Extensive selection of premium Tablelands raw materials and products, suitable for commercial and residential purposes.

Locally Sourced

Our peat is harvested on site. Our mulch products are sourced from local plantations, mills and growers. Quality product

Custom Blends

We can create custom potting mixes on request. Minimum order 3m3. Delivery only. Perfect for nurseries.

Supply & Deliver

Products can be picked up or delivered. Minimum delivery order is 1m3. Costs vary on location and volume.

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