About Us

Tropical Peat is locally owned and family operated. The business was established in 1982 and purchased by the current owners, the Palmer family, in 2010. We love living in this beautiful area and being a part of this vibrant community.

Our Customers

Our customers include other raw material yards, commercial and public nurseries, developers, land owners, landscapers and other businesses, as well as DIY gardeners. They live across North Queensland and pick up or have delivered.

Our Peat

Our peat is a popular medium used to create premium potting mixes, as well as garden and lawn soil blends. It’s sourced from a former swamp, on the property of the original business owners in Upper Barron. Quality, local peat.

Our Process

Products can be picked up or delivered. Minimum delivery is 1m3 and price is calculated on an hourly rate, taking volume and distance into account. Wholesale bags of potting mix are available for retailers by the pallet; pick-up only.

Tropical Peat: The History

The tropical peat product was discovered by a local farmer, on his Upper Barron property. It was in a swamp, which had been storing this rich peat product for many, many years. Realising its potential, the farmer harvested the product and opened the Tropical Peat business in 1982. At the time, it was a virtually unknown product. Since then, it has become a popular medium to create premium potting mixes for the nursery industry and domestic customers. As its popularity and market expanded, so did the business, to include a range of other raw materials. The vision is to be the best Tablelands raw material supplier we can be.

Contact Us

Tropical Peat is open 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday and 8am - 12pm on Saturdays

Pre-mixed Potting Media. Tropical Peat creates customized potting mixes, made to the specific requirements of individual nursery industry customers. Blending peat with organic products and fertilizers, we create the perfect product for a range of plants, including natives, palms, flowering plants and more.

Raw Materials. Tropical Peat has an extensive range of raw materials that can be used in potting mixes and are also available for the home and landscape gardener. We also cater to builders and businesses with a range of sand and bark products.

Pick-up or have delivered. Materials are available in bags or bulk, which can be picked up on site or trucks and trailers are available to deliver products anywhere.

Competitive rates and great service, for farms, businesses and the public. Talk to us about your requirements today. Call (07) 4095 0266 or email tropicalpeat@bigpond.com

Raw Materials

Extensive selection of premium Tablelands raw materials and products, suitable for commercial and residential purposes.

Peat Products

Our peat is harvested on site and prepared in a range of blends suitable for pots, garden beds, turf and lawn.

Plant Hire

Pleased to offer a Tablelands truck, tipper and walking floor trailer service. Experienced drivers, reliable plant.

Contact Us

We’re open 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 12pm on Saturdays. Call (07) 4095 0266.

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